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KAYDA has many Projects that are meant for the uplift of the children we cater for. Among such projects we have the following: -
 (1). Poultry
 (2). Water distribution
 (3). Barber Shop/ Saloon.
 (4). Talent promotion (Games and sports)
 (5). Carpentry
All the projects are functioning well but on a small scale, we have little land and there is need for extension since there is enough experience, we are looking for  land for extension for sustenance as most of these projects need enough room to be effective. Other project that we have already embarked with are,
  The above Projects are two way both Educational and income generating for sustainability. Most of the children are involved in learning and training like in wood curving and production of wooden materials. This has resulted into the production of many needed items for KAYDA Center (Their use themselves), where they can now produce nice beds, benches, chairs, closets and so many others. The Saloon has helped the Kids to learn the skill of hair cutting and helped in earning a living by giving haircuts to customers from the local population around the project for a few shillings. The money collected from the project caters for the daily needs of the children, and still the projects helps the community too as well since the charges are affordable.

Work without play made John a dull boy, KAYDA various sports activities like football, Netball and other indoor games.

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