Teacher Abdul giving the kids lessons.

Former street kids attending a lesson in
one of the class
rooms at the KAYDA offices. Here after getting
used to schooling they are
taken to normal schools where they can further their education.


KAYDA offers Education to these vulnerable children for a better life in future. At the drop-in-centre we have a literacy class where all the children have to attend and this is where we see those who have interest in Education and at what level can they begin. The selected one's are sponsored to schools of all levels, lime primary schools, secondary levels and also institutional levels. we have forty two children in schools the youngest being primary one and the oldest in senior six and also some are in institutions. only twelve out those have sponsors. we appeal to any one who might be in position to sponsor a child to come in as there are many who are not in school only attending a literacy class at the centre.  children have performed well at school. KAYDA is responsible to looking for all the school requirements from school fees to a pen. most of the children spend most of their time at the centre and  have picked interest in learning the computer but with the two computers at the centre, it has proved so difficult. there is need of establishing a computer lab for our children to fit in this computerised world.

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