Feeding is the Daily necessity any child must have and not only one  for a living and capacity to do work. Children at KAYDA survive one meal a day and it is through struggle that it is there. From the little income generating activities they have, they are able to fund for this meal. For many years since KAYDA's initiation in 1995, food has been the major problem. Although the children look healthy, for sure they are experiencing this. We have two acres of  land which we hope to reduce the food burden with. Although it seems not to be enough. Our appeal goes to everyone who can enable us overcome the feeding problem is most welcome. The same appeal goes to the Worlds body (WFP).
the country and the most challenging problem is transportation. Public transport has proved so difficult we appeal to any person or N.G.O's to support us in acquiring our own means of transport. We have resettled over 120 children both independently & back to their families. A few of them came back and were proved to be some of the hardcore of the streets.

 Feeding on Sugar canes