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We have worked with several NGO's both local and international. KAYDA  is a member of forums like; Kampala inter-agency for Street children, Kampala City council NGO's, National Drug's and Alcohol council NADAC, a member of Baaba Club in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Goal Uganda, and soon registering with National NGO forum.

Services at KAYDA have always been on voluntary basis due to the insufficient funds to cater for paid staff. Our appeal has always extended to foreign agencies, friends and well-wishers to come and offer support in various areas of development. Positive responses have been received to a measured extent. Donor’s contributions and moral support is still needed to come in to support and facilitate our cause.
Also in the field of volunteers’ staff, there is need of them to come from any place in the world and assist in the day to day activities of the Organisation by facilitating in Counseling, Education and Rehabilitation of the youth as well as offering specific advice and Administration support to the management.

Street children analysis

 Street children problem has ceased to be a Government problem alone  but  for all like, local leaders, security personnel, community leaders and individuals. Generally, the situation needs a  collective effort.




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