KAYDA has developed several initiatives to support homeless, abandoned and orphaned youth/children that spend most of their time on the streets. The organization has established a Drop in Centre, which comprises of five rooms, a carpentry workshop and other two projects for poultry, and Barbershop. The centre has 35 children who regularly drop in and are undergoing behavior change. They get all the basic requirements from the centre. Children under 10 years are fostered with KAYDA Members and if possible reunited back with their families. Since its initiation in 1995, the organization has re integrated more than 120 children back to their families and others live independently. We appreciate the support from Kinderen in de Knel which assisted in supporting a number of children for the last 16 months. The support has been used In the education, resettlement, administration, allowance and uplift of the Drop in Centre. KAYDA is worried of the day to day activities of the youths/children. These youths are redundant such that they survive by begging, prostitution, pick pocketing and resort to drug and substance abuse. The organization started a Music, Dance and Drama project THE KAYDA CULTURAL TROUPE, which is composed of these vulnerable children/youths. It is engaged in performing various traditional and cultural Music and Dances from all parts of the country using traditional instruments.