Shelter is one of the Basic necessities for the venerable children of Uganda in particular and the world in general. Street children sleep outside in cold nights and hence fall sick. Assisting them, we had  to provide shelter and here there is a five roomed house which is used for shelter. At the moment boys are the only being sheltered and within few months Girls will be catered for from the rooms that are under construction.

We have also established the Drop-in-Center, this was established in 1996 and it is where children come and get most of KAYDA's available services.
Children come everyday for these services; Counseling, Laundry & Bathing, feeding, music, dance and drama rehearsals and also meeting and chatting together. Generally this is their home.
Initially the kids were sleeping on the flour and sleeping under plastic bags. After training them in carpentry, they were able to construct beds were they now sleep. They have also gone a distance to making beds for commercial purposes.


Children from street need to be re-united with their parents, relative or communities where they came from after the rehabilitation process. KAYDA has enough experience in resettlements and a number of children have been re-united with their parents or the communities. We have resettled children almost all-over [More]