We have a number of kids that are talented in most of the sports activities, for instance most of our boys are good foot ballers, this is so because as one of the major sporting activity our team has been the best in most of the foot ball competitions. This is seen by the number of trophies these kids have won.
On the side of  kids and best players, most of our poor kids that do not have parents are from time to time being sponsored in school because of their talents.
Our kids teams luck much in terms of facilitation, as the kids play soccer bare footed and without enough uniforms. We have Netball, Football, and other sports.

Children always need to utilize their leisure time but due to luck of sufficient sports and games facilities, there is always problems in sharing the few we have.
Anyone who is willing to help us modernize our kids teams and also support in introducing new games and sports is highly welcome.

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