This is a Music, Dance and Drama group that was started with the main of promoting the talents of the kids. In the troupe we basically present African traditional music. we have travelled in various parts of the country spreading the message about other kids who are still on the streets to go off.
On top of that they have engaged in our activities like the AIDS awareness campaigns and so many other campaigns, (Like crime prevention and drug and substance abuse) that affects the community development. We have also exposed our culture internationally to the Netherlands. It was a cultural fundraising tour which has helped some of the children  get sponsorship. Here we appeal to NGOs and individuals who can help in such a similar way. Generally, the troupe has helped in developing their talents and has given them chance to expose it. We are requesting any body who might be in need  of entertainers to contact us immediately and for those coming in Uganda for the first time, to come and share the country's culture with us through music dance and drama.

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